Everyone needs a certain appreciation for the classics – those songs that inspired the Texas and Nashville tunes we hear today. There was a certain honesty in songwriting back in the day that deserves to be recognized and remembered.

You may not know who Tom Kimmel is - heck, I know I didn't. However, I had the fortunate opportunity of meeting him a few weeks ago, in addition to hearing him play.

He lives up to his name as one of the silent heroes in country/America music, writing the most creative, story-driven songs. Many of these tunes have been recorded by notable artists such as Johnny Cash and Randy Travis.

This 1993 classic of his was one of my personal favorites:

Sometimes a relationship can teach us invaluable lessons, even if it’s not a lasting one. This song’s for a woman who was relentlessly honest with me. I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but she taught me how to be honest myself.
He is not only a writer but a poet, which is a beautiful gift to have.