This week a Texas ranch owner confirmed finding music written and recorded by Coal and Flynt Stryker, a mythical duo rumored to have died in a prison fire on September 7, 1974.

The reel-to-reel tapes have been digitally converted and will be made available to the public on Friday, September 7, 2018.

For decades the Stryker Brothers have only been the topic of local folklore. The confirmation of their existence through this find has locals asking: “What really happened to Coal and Flynt?”

Rancher Mary Lambau says, “This property has been in my family for years and selling it wasn’t ever part of my plan, but with times as tough as they’ve been I had find out its worth. That’s what started it all.”

Mary asked a real-estate investor to survey the land last June. When they got to the burned out building sitting on the corner of the lot, they made an interesting discovery in the basement — a vault containing a trunk, inside of which were photos of The Highwaymen, a letter to astronaut Charlie Duke, prison intake forms for Coal and Flynt and a set of original, reel-to-reel tapes.

“I couldn’t believe what we’d found. And all these years, it’d been sitting there on right under my nose,” she said. “Sure … we’d all heard the mythology about how Coal and Flynt Stryker died in that prison fire, but could that have been true? Could these tapes really be all that remained of the two?”

She called the man whose name was on one of the documents in the vault: Charlie Duke.

“We worked together to have those old cracked and brittle tapes digitally converted, which ultimately became this 13-song album called Burn Band,” says Mary. “We thought it only fitting to share this music on the anniversary of that fateful prison fire — September 7 (1974).” Learn MORE about The Stryker Brothers HERE


1. Charlie Duke Took Country Music To The Moon
2. Wrong Time
3. Rocking Chair
4. Quiet Town
5. Balmorhea
6. Throwing Shade
7. Blue Today Baby
8. Ain’t Gonna Rain No More
9. Ft. Worth Was a Fabulous Waste of Time
10. What Have You Got To Win
11. The Bottle
12. Sinner Man
13. Charlie Duke (Auctor Continuum)

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