In Dallas, Texas, just like the rest of the country, it’s easy for people to point out the things that police officers do wrong, it's unfortunate that we don’t hear as much about nice police officers.

Thousands of police officers put on their uniforms each day just wanting to protect and serve others in their community. This is why I wanted to share this video I found of a very nice officer who was caught on camera in Tyler, Texas.  

I want to start by saying that my wife says that I watch horrible television and dumb videos online and I found this video as I was randomly scrolling online. I didn’t search for Texas officers this was just a video clip from the YouTube channel PlanetParadise.

The video is titled Top 10 Cool Police Officer Moments. The video is a total of 19 minutes and 6 seconds. But you don’t need to watch the whole video just to see the cool cop in action as I have the video below for you to see the interaction for yourself. 

The Officer Was Beyond Nice 

As you will see in the video the Tyler Police Officer pulled the motorcycle over for speeding on Earl Campbell Parkway. The officer told the rider about a recent fatality on that same road and how they didn’t want to see a repeat accident before letting the rider go with a warning.  

See the Nice Officer in Tyler, Texas 

Here is the video so you can see the incredibly nice interaction for yourself. Just remember there are tons of great officers who want to be nice to you too, but you need to be respectful of them too. 

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