This Wednesday (May 13) one of the coolest bands out of Dallas will be heading to Tyler to play Cowboy's nightclub for their very first time.

They identify as "Texas Soul," and Prophets and Outlaws are feeling quite the swell of underground support as more and more folks hear them for the first time. And that's about all it'll take, one time, and you'll be a fan. This will be one of those "Yeah, but I saw 'em when" moments, that 2017 you brags about.

Upcoming Concert Calendar

  • Wednesday May 13: Prophets & Outlaws (Full Band)
  • Wednesday May 20: Max Stalling (Acoustic)
  • Friday May 22: Chris Cagle (Full Band)
  • Wednesday May 27: Troy Cartwright (Acoustic)
  • Wednesday June 3: James Lann (Acoustic)