Look out, y'all. Here comes 2020. For the past nine years, Radio Texas, LIVE! has had the distinct honor of being one of the few radio programs to consistently bring some great and woefully under-served artists and their songs to country radio each year. 2019 was no different.

Did you know that of our 16 affiliates, 14 of them rarely -- if ever -- play Texas and Red Dirt music outside of our show? We take the utmost pride in being trusted to bring the best in Texas and Red Dirt to radio audiences across the U.S., especially in areas where folks might not get access to it otherwise. We appreciate each of our affiliates so much.

So, what were our most played songs of 2019?

Between the Radio Texas, LIVE! mobile app that launched in June and has streamed non-stop Texas and Red Dirt music since, and our live show each Saturday night, these were our most-spun songs of 2019.

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Oh, before you go and get bent out of shape because your favorite song isn't on our list, or high enough on our list, take a deep breath. This particular list is based on singles released to Texas radio in 2019. Each song's position is based on spins on our show and through our app. If your favorite song wasn’t released until June '19, there is a good chance it landed lower than you'd like -- but that doesn't mean we hate it or think it was less deserving. It means that songs that landed higher were likely released toward the beginning of the year, or at the end of 2018, therefore had more months to accumulate spins.

10. Cody Johnson “On My Way To You”

9. Casey Donahew “Let’s Make A Love Song”

8. William Clark Green “Goner”

7. Cody Johnson “Nothin’ On You”

6. Cody Jinks “Somewhere Between I Love You and I’m Leavin’”

5. Turnpike Troubadours “The Winding Stair Mountain Blues”

4. Josh Abbott Band “I’m Your Only Flaw”

3. Turnpike Troubadours “Pay No Rent”

2. Randy Rogers Band “Crazy People”

1. Aaron Watson “Kiss That Girl Goodbye”

And below are songs 40-11. Happy New Year!

40. Kacey Musgraves “Butterflies”
39. Koe Wetzel “Forever”
38. Jason Eady “Lost My Mind In Carolina”
37. Eli Young Band “Love Ain’t”
36. George Strait “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar”
35. Parker McCollum “Pretty Heart”
34. Bart Crow “Wheels”
33. Kevin Fowler “Better with Beer”
32. Prophets and Outlaws “Dreamer”
31. Jon Wolfe “Hang Your Hat on That”
30. Kyle Park “Rio”
29. Tyler Childers "House Fire"
28. Aaron Watson “Country Radio”
27. Kylie Frey “One Night In Tulsa”
26. Mike And The Moonpies “Steak Night at The Prairie Rose”
25. William Clark Green “Stay”
24. Mike And The Moonpies “You Look Good In Neon”
23. Mike Ryan “Other Side Of The Radio”
22. Kacey Musgraves “Rainbow”
21. Curtis Grimes “Had A Thing”
20. Randall King “Takin Me A Heartbreak”
19. Danielle Bradbery and Parker McCollum “Shallow”
18. Jon Wolfe “Some Ol’ Bar In The ‘90s”
17. Whiskey Myers “Rolling Stone”
16. Randy Rogers Band “I’ll Never Get Over You”
15. Wade Bowen “Fell In Love On Whiskey”
14. Hayes Carll “None’ya”
13. Koe Wetzel “Ragweed”
12. Josh Abbott Band “Little More You”
11. Flatland Cavalry “Old School”

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