We've already shared with you our Top 5 Underrated Artists, Top 5 Underrated Female Vocalists....and now, we'd like to share our Top 5 Underrated Songwriters! Those quietly magnificent creatures:

5. Ryan Beaver

The soulful, poignant, and prolific songwriter that is Ryan Beaver. He has a way of getting straight down to business without all of the extra fluff.

4. Mike Ryan

Mike Ryan really brought his songwriting out of the wood work with this new album. In addition to his current single, if you haven't heard Wastin No More Whiskey yet, whew man you're missing out.

Get the latest "Bad Reputations" album here!

3. John Edward Baumann

JEB is a silent killer with his writing. He jabs at ironic humor and writes very candidly, with a lot of meaning and strength behind few words. That is quite the talent, folks. Grab a copy of the High Plains Alchemy album right here.

2. Jason Eady

A true storyteller if there ever was one. His traditional style of writing and performing is rather refreshing. Check out his latest album "Daylight and Dark" here!

1. Sean McConnell

When we begin to wonder if the art of songwriting is going to survive, with industry standards sinking to an all time low - we need look no further than Sean McConnell. He reminds us there are still quiet, humble writers penciling quietly in a corner the next big hit - and it's not about whiskey and short shorts. He writes about life - real life - with honesty and integrity.

Grab the B Side Session here!

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