We sure do love us some Merle Haggard. He's had a full life behind him, some not so redeemable. He's done things he shouldn't have done, seen things he shouldn't have seen. He's also come out the other side with nearly 40 number one singles, numerous awards and has left a living legacy that will never be forgotten.

That being said, it is very hard to narrow down this outlaw into ten of his best songs, but we did our best. Here are some of our top favorites:

10. Workin' Man Blues

9. The Fightin' Side of Me

8. The Roots of My Raising

7. Farmer's Daughter

6. Mama Tried

5. The Legend of Bonnie and Clyde

4. I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink

3. Okie From Muskogee

2. I'm A Lonesome Fugitive

1. Silver Wings