Can Josh Abbott and the boys hang on to the top spot on Texas radio for another week? Or will Chad Cooke Band, Teague Brothers Band, or Parker McCollum have what it takes to pass them by? Let's find out where everyone lands this week on Texas radio.

10. Curtis Grimes - Friends
9. Josh Ward - A Cowboy Can
8. Mark Powell - I Hope I'm Holding You
7. Darrin Morris Band - I Will
6. Kin Faux - Honky Tonk in Heaven
5. Parker McCollum - To Be Loved By You
4. Bart Crow - Pocket Full of Kisses
3. Teague Brothers Band - Fingers and Thumbs
2. Chad Cooke Band - Bringing Country Back
1. Josh Abbott Band - Settle Me Down

Song rankings compiled each week by CDX Traction - Texas.

Two bands inside the Top 10 this week, Josh Abbott Band and Parker McCollum, will be playing our sold out Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival on May 1st in Tyler, TX. It's sold out, but we'll have opportunities for you to score free tickets between now and showtime.

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