Today (Sept. 10) Troy Cartwright released the lyric video for his latest single "My Girl (She's All Mine)." Cartwright a newcomer to the Texas scene is already making a splash, and perking ears. The Dallas Observer even took notice christening him a Must-See Act in 2015.

Still wondering why you should take the time to check him out? Here is what folks are saying about the young Dallas native’s album and show:

“The record is packed with gems both rocking and of the quieter variety, all of which display a fine depth.. one of the very best of 2015.”

- Kelly Dearmore The Dallas Observer 

“Dallas singer-songwriter Troy Cartwright’s new, self-titled album is his first, but it plays like his 50th. There’s an ease and a polish to these country tunes belying Cartwright’s relative youth (the Berklee College of Music grad is 23).”

- Preston Jones - Fort Worth Star Telegram

“All in all, the album is a worthwhile listen that stirs what makes us all feel young and poignantly reminds us how fragile we all are when it comes to love, heartbreak and home”

- C.L. Harmon - Red Dirt Nation

“Troy possess an ability to write about relationships and life, both the positive and negative aspects, with the depth of someone more seasoned. The album is a complete one, full of story songs that will resonate with listeners of any age; songs told by a clear, young voice that will surely age like a good whiskey.”

The Daily Country