The Turnpike Troubadours' 2012 album "Goodbye Normal Street," was a verifiable regional hit. It catapulted the boys from Oklahoma into a can't-miss show in Oklahoma, Texas and, yes, even nationally.

Hard to believe, but that means it's been nearly three years since their sophomore project found it's way onto our radios, and into our hearts and iPods. But good news! According to Saving Country Music it won't be long before we get more new music from the guys.

September 18th [is] when the band release their latest, self-titled album. The release follows their highly-acclaimed 2012 offering Goodbye Normal Street, and will surely be one of the most welcomed releases of 2015 in Texas country and beyond.

The Turnpike Troubadours will be released through Bossier City Records/Thirty Tigers, and will include 12 new songs from the band. Though we don’t have a track list yet, some songs said to be included are “The Mercury” and “Bossier City,” which is said to “showcase the bands raucous energy and proficiency as musicians, while their more poignant and melodic side shines on “Down Here”, “How Do You Fall Out Of Love” and “A Little Song.'”

The band formed in 2007, and has since built a loyal fan base who have purchased and downloaded over 200,000 of their records. And in between the guys have graduated from selling out small venues to headlining festivals of 10,000 plus.

The Washington Post, called "Goodbye Normal Street," the "most unjustly overlooked Americana album of 2012.”

And now, finally, by the end of this summer, we will be getting new music from the guys. Hopefully this one won't go as "over-looked."