Between Kyle Nix announcing solo shows in support of his solo project, online rumblings of Evan Felker working on something, and this; it's an exciting time for Turnpike fans.

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Granted this is likely not exactly what you had in mind when you fell asleep last night wishing on the first star you saw for a reunion; but come on, you can't lie -- it's exciting.

This is something that has been in motion for a while. RC Edwards has been doing side shows with his band RC & The Ambers for years, and now the man most widely known as the Turnpike Bassist is set to release the debut album with this band called Big Country.

The Ambers' debut will feature 11 songs, all recorded during the pandemic, during the last half of 2020. And guys, with the exception of “The Blues Man”, the Hank Williams Jr. cover, this is all-original material.

Most Turnpike fans know that Edwards wrote many of Turnpike Troubadours’ most beloved songs, including: Kansas City Southern, Morgan Street, 7 Oaks, Wrecked, and Fall Out of Love."

The new album was recorded and produced by Turnpike steel guitar player Hank Early at his home studio, Pine Curtain Studios, in Tahlequah, OK, and as you'd expect it features contributions from fellow Troubadours Kyle Nix (fiddle) and Gabe Pearson (drums), as well as Cory Graves of the Vandoliers (horns) and the stirring vocals of Amber Watson.

The new album will be out September 10, 2021. Guys, we'll be debuting the groovy new single, “Oklahoma Beach Body,” this Saturday (June 12) night on Radio Texas, LIVE!, and heads-up, RC and Hank will be my guests next week (June 19th) on the show.


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