On Saturday (Dec. 22) Tyler Childers was at the Roy F. Collier Community Center in Inez, Kentucky to deliver 500 cases of water for residents of Martin County.

According to Saving Country Music, the area has been affected by an ongoing crisis with the community’s water supply, with some residents unable to get clean water, and an estimated 75% loss of water throughout the system due to aging infrastructure.

After finding out about the crisis, Tyler Childers took matters into his own hands, partnering with the LeSage Natural Water company in West Virginia to deliver water to residents. When asked if LeSage Natural Water had experienced a similar response to a call to action, LeSage sales manager Matt Muller told Saving Country Music“No. Nothing like this. Tyler’s got fans all over the place. I was blown away. Buffalo, Denver, Lexington, Baton Rouge, South Bend, Indiana from a guy that works at the University of Notre Dame, Ohio, Atlanta, Seattle, Columbia in South Carolina, Johnson City, Tennessee, Joliet, Illinois. I mean all over the country, people have called.”

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