This Friday (Aug 2) Tyler Childers with release one of the years most anticipated - and perhaps most important - country albums, Country Squire. A few days later the Kentucky native will be making his late night television debut on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, August 6th.

Nearly two weeks ago Childers took the Grand Ole Opry stage for his third time, and it was the second time that his band The Food Stamps joined him. During the performance the band played a few new songs from his upcoming album. Give it a watch up top.

Tyler Childers, Country Squire Track Listing:

1. “Country Squire”
2. “Bus Route”
3. “Creeker”
4. “Gemini”
5. “House Fire”
6. “Ever Lovin’ Hand”
7. “Peace of Mind”
8. “All Your’n”
9. “Matthew”

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