I would like to think it is my job as a writer and music advocate to bring fresh new music and faces to your attention — I use the term “underground music” loosely, in the sense that these artists deserve much more attention than they are receiving.

If you live in the Austin area, you may have heard of this ragtag group of dudes known as the Chubby Knuckle Choir. I say ragtag in the sense that they all come from different musical backgrounds, but when they join together they form a melting pot sound - a blend of blues, R&B, country and bluegrass.

In fact, they describe their own music as "a marriage of all genres,” and “folk music from a country that isn’t around…but should be.”

They very much remind me of The Dirty River Boys, with a generational difference. The Choir has a high-energy show, amazing harmonies, and swap lead vocalists & instruments each song. Not to mention they pull it off seamlessly.

Although they have been together since 2009, they have just released their first debut album "Reveille," which you can check out right here! I encourage you to check and out, and if you're passing through Austin, stop by a show and support some unique live music.

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