Last week my pal, Van Darien, stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! to share with us new music, strange things she's kept in her purse, and news of her Fort Worth residency.

Darien's EP Silent Sparrow, is a beautiful collection of songs. Her voice is, as one listener described to me "UHH-MAAA-ZING!!!." Her talent has landed her a weekly residency at Magnolia Motor Lounge in Fort Worth beginning November 16th, and a chance to open for the legendary Billy Joe Shaver, just last week.

I know a woman's purse is like her home or something, but the things Van collects in hers is crazy. She admits "I keep strange things in there," from picks to origami pandas and years old gummy bears, it's nuts -- and funny.

Before she left, Van sang a brand new song called Holdin' On, and gifted me some sweet Van Darien sunglasses. Press play to hear the new song.

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