This is a must-see rescue video. A veterinarian and his son bravely rescue a buck antler-locked to another, dead, buck -- without the two good-Samaritans the second deer was all but assured the same fate as the first.

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“You don’t see the entire video, which is about 30 minutes,” Adam explained. “There were some parts where I almost got kicked. One time I almost got kicked in the face and the other missed my ribs.”

“At the time I wasn’t really thinking about it,” Adam said. “I was focused on the task and doing what I got to do. Whenever a leg comes flying at you, though, you get a little bit scared. But it wasn’t really until the end that you realize it. Like hunting, you can control your emotions when you’re taking the actual shot. It’s when you’re done that it hits you.”

“It kicked the side of the boat just underneath the lip, if it had been a little bit higher there would’ve been no way that I wouldn’t have a broken rib. Deer are strong. You can punch somebody in the ribs and it might break one, but deer have those small, tight hooves,” he shared.