Timing is never good when it comes to a career threatening injury, but when Wade Bowen was forced to shut it down due to a vocal chord issue last year it was right after his new album was released.

This week Bowen released the new music video for his latest single "Fell in Love on Whiskey," and opened up about the scare that he, his family, and band members went through that came with a doctor ordered three month vocal chord rest.

From Rolling Stone Country: Was last year’s sabbatical part of the reason for wanting to highlight your fans in “Fell in Love on Whiskey”?
100 percent. When you have something you love that’s almost taken away from you, you definitely learn to appreciate it even more. [Playing music] really did almost get taken away from me. I was really uncertain whether I’d ever be able to sing again. To say I’m having fun playing music right now is a huge understatement. I’m maybe having the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire career.

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