I've said it to friends, on the air, hell I've said it to the man himself; Paul Cauthen's 2016 album My Gospel was one of the best albums released last decade. You heard me, one of the best of the 2010's. Take it to the bank.

The East Texas's powerful baritone reminiscent of Johnny Cash's, earned him the nickname "Big Velvet." But he's not one to rest on his laurels, on top of his signature buttery smooth vocals, his songwriting is top notch. It's a winning combination.

“This whole songwriting thing, man, you just get to a point where you rip your hair out. You’re like, ‘I can say it right now, I know what I want to f*cking say, but I can’t f*cking say it,'” says Cauthen. “I believe that’s where art, when our madness just about kicks in” – he whistles, a glimmer in his eye – “watch out, that’s where the true artist shines.” - Paul Cauthen to Rolling Stone in 2018.

Cody Jinks was busy at Sonic Ranch this spring. In between giving fans live updates from the studio, he managed to record 30 country songs. Earlier this month Jinks painted a clearer picture of what fans can expect and when we can expect it.

Recorded nearly 30 country songs during the month of May... Have 12 empty slots, so we will find out soon enough which 12 make the to be named country album! Expect the new album to land this October or November.

There it is. We can officially expect a new album of twelve country songs from Jinks this fall. That's enough to get us through another scorching Texas summer.

Over the weekend Cody and Paul were performing in Ardmore, Oklahoma, when ol' Jinksy sauntered out on to the stage to join Cauthen in singing his infectious smash "Saddle." Watch it for yourself up top. Man, how many amazing moments like this did we miss out last year? Shoutout to Mark Holdren for sharing this amazing video.

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