Cody Johnson is a nice guy, but by now we all should know that he's not gonna put his fans in harms way. or put up with your bullsh*t. Over the weekend, Johnson tore into a couple of idiots for fighting at his show.

 “If you start a fight in this pit I will stop this show and have your a** thrown out. All I said was ‘Dance your partner, do-si-do’ and we got a fight going on down here." - Cody Johnson

Apparently the fight was happening right up front by the stage, and I'll tell you what, CoJo busted out that dad voice to get them back inline. And if you were wondering, his dad voice is better than mine, and my dad's. And we got it all on TikTok.

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He made sure the culprits knew he had no issue kicking them out of the concert, and he even went as far to tell them that he'd do it himself.

It turns out that there were some younger fans near the dummies and Johnson was worried for their safety. He scolded them saying, "If y'all bump into one of these kids, you'll have ME jumpin' off the stage."

Y'all know better than this.


@mmmsure_ CoJo said fuck around and find out 😌 #cojo #cojonation #codyjohnson ♬ original sound - Mmm_sure

Meanwhile in CoJo News, he released his first ever live album, Cody Johnson & the Rockin' CJB, late last year, he kicked off '23, landing his first career Grammy, and up next he'll be joining two-time reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year Luke Combs for his World Tour this summer.

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