Evan Felker is back. Well, he was back for one night at least, as he joined The Teague Brothes Band at a fundraiser for Eric Neal, who was diagnosed Sclerosing Epitheloid Fibrosarcoma in 2018.

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While we still don't know the full story behind the sighting, and perhaps we never will, it was just great to see Felker back on stage again. Texas-based radio promoter, Jennifer Redding, was quick to get pictures up on Facebook, oh, and she recorded the best video we've seen in a couple of years. The former Turnpike Troubadours front man and his new mustache didn't miss a beat as he sang “7&7,” “Gin, Smoke, Lies,” “Good Lord, Lorrie,” and “Every Girl,” with the Teague Brothers Band

"February 27, 2021, was truly amazing to be a part of. Eric you are consistently in our thoughts and prayers. I’m proud to call you a friend and it was an absolute pleasure to be there. What a community we have. Evan Felker of the The Turnpike Troubadours was a true gentleman and performed beautifully for Eric. A dream come true to everyone in the room. Godspeed Eric & Shelby Neal." - John Teague

The Teague Brothers Band released their debut album Harvest Day in 2019, their newest single “American Folk Song” is out now.

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