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She’s a Shania Twain protégé, we all remember her rip-your-heart-out collaboration with Randy Rogers a couple years ago, oh, and she was a Louisiana High School Rodeo Queen. And as if all that weren't enough, Kylie Frey can sing a damn good country song.

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The Louisiana native began singing the National Anthem at rodeos at the age of five, and at age 15 she was named the Louisiana High School Rodeo Queen. A year later, she won the Louisiana state championship for goat-tying.

Frey tells CMT, "This video captures the lightheartedness and upbeat feeling behind the song, while also addressing the underlying cliché story of the cowboy always riding away. Growing up in rodeo and the western lifestyle, this song came from personal experience. For me, so it was important that the video reflected my roots. We went for a “spaghetti western” theme which is a style of western film from the ’60s mostly filmed by Italians. They were quirky, yet captivating, which is how I always hoped my uptempo ballad would be perceived."

If you watched inaugural season of USA Network’s “Real Country” in 2018, you may recall that she was on Team Shania. Frey had a great hit on Texas radio in 2019 with “One Night in Tulsa,” and she's back for more. Her new single "Spur of the Moment," just entered the Top 10 on Texas radio, and she's dropped the song's brand new music video. Give it a watch up top.


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