It's been a big week for The Limestone Kid. He launched another signature wine, dropped his new album Gold Chain Cowboy, and he got to serenade the iconic Randy Travis with a George Strait cover.

Like, I said it's been a big week for Parker.

Just sittin around playin country song with my new friend Mr. Randy Travis. A night I will remember for the rest of my life.


Back on May 25th Parker McCollum tweeted "July 30th," that was all. But it was enough to send fans and industry insiders into a frenzy. Of course everyone immediately began to speculate that it was the date his new album would be released, you know, the album that Parker let fans name.

Today (July 30) we got Gold Chain Cowboy.

"COVID kind of forced me to ... realize that, man, just take it one step at a time," he told Taste of Country, "and if you're gonna write this song, really put some thought into it instead of just rambling about stuff."

The project features a couple of songs we already know, a couple of Texas chart toppers, “Pretty Heart” and “To Be Loved By You.” "Pretty Heart" also rose to the top of the  Billboard Country chart in 2020, becoming his first national No. 1, and the latter is currently climbing those same national charts.

It also contains co-writes with fellow Texans, you'll see Miranda Lambert, Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, and Danielle Bradberry in the album credits.

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