My old saying, the one about everyone knows at least one Pat Green song, yup, it's holding up. Pat Green is arguably the most influential singer in the Texas scene's storied history, he's the G.O.A.T. Well, when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, Emmitt Smith is too without an equal.

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Last night at a charity event Pat Green was singing his Grammy nominated smash "Wave on Wave," when he was joined by No. 22 himself. Guys, how much fun is this video, right?

Obviously worried that no one would believe it happened, at one point during their duet Pat Green went full fanboy and made sure that his wife was recording him and the legendary Cowboy, "Kori Green you better be recording this," Pat said grinning between lines.

Had so much fun at the @patgreenfoundation @raisetherooffoundation fundraiser party last night.. yes that is HOFer @EmmittSmith22 singing WOW with me... what a blast. My beautiful Kori was the camera operator.. raised a lot of money for people who need it so badly right now...

My only regret is we only got to enjoy 47 seconds of the encounter.

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