Tyler Childers is exactly what country music the world needs. In May of 2019, the Kentucky native landed a deal that launched his career into overdrive, when he signed to RCA Records, a division of Sony.

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I hope that people in the area that I grew up in find something they can relate to. I hope that I’m doing my people justice and I hope that maybe someone from somewhere else can get a glimpse of the life of a Kentucky boy.”

Later that year the greatest love song ever-written and performed, "All Your'n," was nominated for Best Country Solo Performance at the Grammys. Oh, and Country Squire was arguably the best album of 2019.

Last summer, Childers' name was added to a sign on the “Country Music Highway” in Kentucky. According to Saving Country Music, the “Country Music Highway” road is Route 23 and it runs through eastern Kentucky near where Childers was raised, which of course makes it extra special for him as he’s been driving past the sign for years.

Last fall he dropped a surprise album, showcasing his newly acquired fiddle skills. The album is completely instrumental aside from the the final song and title track, “Long Violent History.” With that tune Tyler confronts several issues including racism.

But all of us get our start somewhere, right? Whiskeyriff recently came across a 2010 video of a wide-eyed, fresh-faced Tyler playing at the world-famous Bluebird Cafe performing “If Whiskey Could Talk,” the song was included the following year on his album Bottles and Bibles. The video's not the best, but I'll be damned if that young man wasn't already primed to be a star.

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