In Texas, Whataburger is an iconic fast-food restaurant. I’m wondering if they should make a special food pyramid for Texans that has Whataburger as the base because their delicious burgers have customers coming back for more all the time.

It’s amazing how many Whataburger locations there are in Texas (over 700 locations). But did you know there is a Whataburger location in Texas that serves alcohol? 

Whataburger Serves Alcohol
Ray-Ray Cedillos via FB/ Canva

It’s true, there is one location that I know of that is serving Whataburger with your choice of a beer seltzer or any of their other soft drinks available for purchase.

Sometimes you just want to enjoy an adult beverage with your meal and it’s fantastic to hear that one of their locations gives you that option. Although I wouldn’t expect to see alcohol in other locations anytime soon. 

Where is the Whataburger That Serves Beer and Seltzers? 

Not only is this Whataburger location available for Texans but for travelers too. The Whataburger location that serves alcohol is conveniently located within the DFW airport, which is one of the busiest in the entire country.

So, at least this special location is available for travelers who might not even be able to leave the airport to see more of Texas.  

Would You Like to See Beer Sold in All Whataburger Locations? 

While it would be great to see beer options at all Whataburger locations, not everyone was happy about this. It wasn’t the alcohol that got people upset, it was the price of the alcohol.

People don’t want to pay $10 for a beer. But we all know that when you buy something at the airport you must expect to pay a higher cost. 

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