So what is the most country city in America? To no ones surprise, a few of them were cities from right here in the Lone Star State -- so which city lands the honor? San Antonio? Dallas? Austin?

Well, according to a survey conducted by Estately, Fort Worth lands the top spot. The survey was conducted via Facebook.

Fort Worth came in first for pickups, second for cowboy boots, third for rodeo and fourth for sweet tea.

Where do some other Texas cities land?

Arlington, where the Academy of Country Music will hold its awards show next year at AT&T Stadium, ranked 11th.

San Antonio ranked second, El Paso fifth, Houston 16th and Austin 17th.

Dallas — despite J.R. Ewing — was ranked the lowest of any Texas city, in 26th place.

I think Earl Dibbles Jr. would be proud. Find out more of what made Fort Worth "The Most Country," right here.