So, a Texas cowboy rides his horse into a Dairy Queen... Our ol' pal Brian Doty is back in the saddle and this time that saddle is on a horse that is inside of a DQ. So many questions here.

I love small towns, independent thinkers, the western lifestyle and of course the Texas stop sign.

You may recognize Doty from his work in Texas as a TV host, radio host, actor, emcee, model, and avid outdoorsman. Or maybe from that time he went viral riding his horse through the Whataburger drive thru, see below. Yup, that's right this ain't Brian's first fast food rodeo; same guy, and it appears to be the same horse.

So why's he riding his horse around and through fast food restaurants? Turns out his horse really enjoys an Oreo Blizzard after a Whataburger #1 with bacon and cheese. No, of course that's not it, but as it turns out, Doty is just having some fun.

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"With all the regulations, laws, rules and judging... it’s nice to be in a small town where people just slow down, find the good and for the most part stay in their own lane. People are going to have something to say about anything you do. To me this screams Texas just as much as my Whataburger video did. I figure if this didn’t make you smile and it made you want to drop a negative comment, then you are just letting people know that you are a very unhappy person. I love small towns, independent thinkers, the western lifestyle and of course the Texas stop sign."

There ya have it.

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