It's exactly what every Texas Music lover in Austin, TX and around The Lone Star State needs to get into the Christmas spirit.

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Hard to believe it's been seven years ago, that a Santa-hat-wearing William Clark Green worked out this great arrangement of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" on the fly and exclusively for Radio Texas, LIVE! listeners.

Green's latest album, his sixth studio album, Baker Hotel, was released on March 25th of '22. But he's been at it for a while now.

William Clark Green’s Misunderstood was an album that galvanized Green’s core fan base. Then Rose Queen became a true breakout project for the East Texas native in 2013.

With it Green got his first taste of radio success (“It’s About Time” Top 10, “She Likes The Beatles” No. 1, “Rose Queen” No. 4, and “Hanging Around” No. 1), not to mention one of the coolest album covers of the year.

In addition, Green earned high praise from the Dallas Observer, the newspaper that named “She Likes the Beatles” the best song in Texas of '13.

The monster that is Green’s third studio album Ringling Road was unleashed in April of '15. That album has a No. 1 single in “Sympathy,” a Top 5 with “Sticks and Stones,” and the title track also topped the Texas charts.

Green then released his highly touted Live at Cheatham Street Warehouse albumThen in '20, amidst the world-wide pandemic, Green, John Baumann, Josh Abbott, and Cleto Cordero released their first album as Texas super-group, The Panhandlers.

But today, we take a Christmas trip thanks to our Distant Replay to the time he sang us his favorite Christmas carol, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" on the Radio Texas, LIVE! Christmas Special.

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