How wild is this? Just hours before Idaho was shaken up by a 6.5 earthquake earlier this week, Reckless Kelly front man WIlly Braun was recording a video where he was discussing the historic 1983 Idaho quake.

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Here’s some sweet irony. I was working on recording some songs for a future episode of “Music From The Mountains” this morning and I talked about the inspiration for “Volcano,” the earthquake of ‘83. I pointed out the fault line and had been planning to drive up to the historical site and finish the video later in the day. Around 6:00 We experienced a 6.4 or 6.5 earthquake here in idaho. 😳

So instead of waiting for the next MFTM, here’s the song and the story behind it. (Hope I didn’t jinx us)!\

Watch the video 'till the end for that new song, "Volcano."

And in new music news, hard to believe that it's been almost four year since Reckless Kelly released Sunset Motel, their last new album. But good news, Willy and the boys are releasing two new albums on May 22nd. The name of the two albums, American Jackpot and American Girls. Get ready.

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