Somehow, Beth Dutton lived her entire life on the Yellowstone Ranch but didn't know what her dad, brothers and husband were up to at the train station.

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This baffling revelation from Season 5, Ep. 8 closes what was the biggest plot hole on Yellowstone. She'd been blackmailing her brother Jamie Dutton because she thought having photo evidence of him dumping his murdered birth father's body was enough to sink him, should he not do exactly what she wanted.

Jamie literally laughed at that during the mid-season as millions of viewers shouted, "She didn't know!?" The Dutton Rules team discuss this and so much more during this week's podcast episode:

Of course, viewers knew what was at the bottom of a cliff the Duttons call the "train station." As John Dutton explains, it's where his family has been depositing the bodies for decades. Think of it as a trashcan, except he's usually the one who decides what is and isn't trash.

So, should Beth tattle on her brother, he'd be inclined to return the favor. While the fictional and (semi) nonfictional explanation of this lawless land leads one to believe you can get away with anything, no one seems willing to test it.

The mid-season finale of Season 5 of Yellowstone includes dueling plans to kill off the other, and both are problematic. Dutton Rules hosts Adison Haager and Billy Dukes explain why before reflecting on Kayce Dutton's big revelation, Jimmy's romantic return and Ep. 3 of 1923.

If you think Harrison Ford is leaving 1923, think again. There's reason to believe that Jacob survives, despite it looking awful.

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