You know Texas is gonna have a castle, right? We're Texas, we've got everything. And this gorgeous blast from the medieval past will take your breath away.

While it's not as old as one you'd find in say Scotland, this castle located on the shores of Lake Whitney in Clifton, TX makes up for its newness with stunning views, multiple gazebos, a large front lawn, private pool, and even a moat and draw bridge.

Yeah, it's got a moat, which will certainly make your non-swimming enemies easy targets.

Parsons Castle is one of the only castles you will find in Texas! Over a decade of planning, design and construction, went in to making Parsons Castle a unique, one-of-a-kind venue perfect for weddings, meetings, corporate parties and big events. The majestic castle opened in 2018 and is five stories high with balconies on each floor overlooking the beautiful Lake Whitney. Our elegant 3,000 square foot ballroom is the perfect place to host any event. The castle grounds also offer multiple gazebos, a large front lawn, moat and draw bridge, private pool and much more for any outdoor event.

Sounds like a perfect wedding spot, or the place to go to just get away and forget about life for a while -- in a freakin' five-story castle.

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Before we dive head first into the stunning pictures, here are a few of the amenities that the castle offers:

  • Multiple Ceremony Areas
  • Covered Outdoor Space
  • Onsite Bridal Suite
  • Grooms Dressing Room
  • Private Pool
  • Private Hot Tub
  • Indoor Event Space
  • On-Site Bar & Kitchen
  • Outdoor Event Space
  • Reception Area
  • Wireless Internet
  • Handicap Accessible

And here we go, ladies and gentlemen, Parsons Castle:

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