It's an adorable tiny town with the tiniest population of just 203. You can find it nearly smack dab in the middle between San Antonio, TX and Houston, TX, and as of this posting it's not quite three years old yet.

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We all know that the oldest town in the Lone Star State is Nacogdoches, Texas. It's something that's celebrated. And that's a good thing, we should respect our elders. But what is the youngest town in Texas?

Did you know that Texas’ newest town just cut the ribbon on their first city hall right after COVID lockdowns? In fact, according to Fayette County Record, "Ellinger residents voted to incorporate into a city in Nov. 2020, and it remains the most recent Texas entity to do so."

It was only in March of '22, that members of their city council, residents, and special guests gathered to celebrate the ribbon cutting for Ellinger’s city hall.

Fun Wikipedia Ellinger fact for you.

Did you know: Ellinger which is now located along the Southern Pacific Railroad, actually moved to be closer to the railroad to get business from travelers. When the town moved, the silent H was removed and the name was changed to Ellinger.

Ladd P. Ehlinger, a descendant of Joseph and Charles Ehlinger, says this is because "it was easier for people to phonetically spell it".

However it should be noted that Ellinger's official website states that this change happened "when the railroad came through."

While Ellinger may not have the steep history of a Nacogdoches, for now, it's still cool to know that Texas has a youngest city, and that my youngest daughter is only a couple years older than it.

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