Time to dug up that ol' Christmas spirit, it's buried down deep in there somewhere. Did you check Dallas, TX? Maybe it's getting drunk out there.

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Do y'all remember Wade Bowen's "Garage Mahal" music series? We loved it. We also miss it. One of our favorites from first season was this Bruce Springsteen Christmas cover, so we're bringing it back, Wade's cover of The Boss's "Merry Christmas Baby."

Of course this past summer we got a new album from Wade and his little buddy, Randy Rogers.

What began as a fun summer tour for a couple of friends two decades ago has turned into one of the most anticipated annual tours in Texas. The release of four subsequent collaborative albums has turned the guys' side-hustle into one of the scene's most iconic duos.

While they've been doing the HOLD MY BEER AND WATCH THIS shows for years, it wasn't until 2015, with the release of their long awaited debut collaborative album Hold My Beer: Vol. 1, that the whole world finally got a front row ticket to the charisma that these two pack into their shows together.

Guys, I love me some Randy Rogers Band and I love me some Wade Bowen, but I wouldn't be sad if they officially teamed up. What they do together is special, they're able to push each other a little bit further than they might be willing to go individually.

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