Zach Bryan is giving away free music on his Quittin' Time Tour, as fans have the chance to receive a live recording of the show they attended. The idea is quite innovative and is brilliantly executed.

How Can Fans Get a Free Live Recording From Zach Bryan's Tour?

The "Something in the Orange" singer shared the news on social media with a simple tweet that read, "Free individual live records for whatever show you come to." Later he gave more insight, saying all fans would receive a physical ticket at his tour stops featuring a QR code with more details on how they can receive their recordings.

"This is the quittin time tour and we’re giving physical tickets at the door," he writes. "There’s a QR code on that ticket; soon, whether you’ve already attended a show or if you’re going to, you can scan that and get a complete live recording of the show you attended besides unreleased tunes."

Is Zach Bryan Really Giving Out Free Live Recordings?

Bryan's post about giving fans free live recordings from the shows they attend caused quite a stir on social media. Several responded with praise for his genius plan and hopes that other artists would follow suit.

"This is brilliant and the type of stuff that all artists should be doing. Way to pave the way Zach," one fan wrote.

"This is such a cool idea! More people should do that," another chimed in.

Some questioned whether the deal was too good to be true. That was shot down by one fan who confirmed the QR code does in fact work and had the screenshots to prove it. Bryan retweeted his post as a sign of good faith.

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