The year 1986 was 35 years ago... If you're still reading and not passed out from surprise I'll continue. It was the year Oprah debuted on daytime television, the last time earth saw Halley's comet, and the year a then unknown, mustached, Garth Brooks covered, a then rising country music star named George Strait. Thirty-five years later, in 2021, the world shook.

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Don't get me wrong we realize that countless singers covered King George, even then, but how many went on to be Garth Brooks? One, one did.

Garth Brooks |Nobody In His Right Mind..." (1986) Welp, since it's 2016 here's a flashback all the way back 30 years ago! 1986 on "AM Oklahoma" Garth Brooks sings with his old Santa Fe Band three years before "Garth Brooks" came out in stores!

Unfamiliar with the work of Garth Brooks? The Sequestered Songwriters recently paid tribute to the man who brought the world stadium country. See more on that here. And if you missed the news, Garth and his superstar wife Trisha Yearwood just released a new duet, their cover of the Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper award winning song "Shallow."

George Strait included "Nobody in His Right Mind Would've Left Her" on his 1986 album #7, the Dean Dillon penned hit reached No. 1 on The Billboard Country chart that year and went on to be nominated for Country Music Association Award for Single of the Year.

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