Singer / songwriter Adam Fears is from a little town outside of Tyler, TX called Whitehouse. And like most East Texans Fears is a life-long Dallas Cowboys fan; after tonight he will be just a little closer to his and America's team.

Tonight (Aug 27) Fears' song "Summer on Fire" will be the focus track on CMT's Dallas Cowboys: Making the Team. Now if there is a single cheer leading team more recognized world-wide than our girls in silver and blue stars, you know something I don't.

Summer on Fire’ is just a rock-fueled summer song," says Fears. "Really all I can say about it, is when Jeremy Stover (Producer) played it for me there was no doubt I wanted to see what my voice sounded like on it.

Just this month, Fears' summer single, "Golden Gravel Road" peaked inside the Top 20 in the Texas charts. However it was certainly the most touching singles to Texas radio in all of 2015. I had more calls, tweets, and messages asking who sang the song, that was inspired by his grandfather, than any song, in a long time.

The episode debuts tonight August 27th, 11:00 EST/10:00 CST on CMT.

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