He's one of the most sought after songwriters in country music, and arguably it's most under-appreciated performer. Adam Hood is the level above next level, and by God everyone needs to know it.

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Today our favorite Alabamian celebrated one year of sobriety with a poignant post on social media:

Today marks one year of sobriety. One year without a drop of alcohol. This time last year, my main thought was “there’s no way I’ll do this” but I was wrong.
Spending a year with myself has been harder than staying off the sauce but I have a wonderful life... my faith, my family, my future, my health, MY DREAMS. I’m so thankful that after all that work to destroy those five things, they still exist & they’re still in front of me-that’s grace.
As they say, “one day at a time” but the harder days are truly better than the good days used to be (don’t steal that line).

Congrats, Adam, from all of us here at Radio Texas, LIVE!

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