The terribly underrated Adam Hood has released another amazing song, “Downturn.” The song is off Hood's newest stellar collection of music, Somewhere in Between.

The song was co-written with his pal Jason Eady. Of the song, Hood tells Rolling Stone Country, "[it] is an effort to think positive through all of life’s negatives. For me it came from a musician’s perspective. Jason Eady and I wrote it while we were sitting in a hotel room in El Paso, Texas. I’m sure it’s no surprise to most but life on the road is a challenge no matter what level you’re at. I wanted the video itself to be relatable to everybody. The idea was to just showcase people making the best of their daily lives, which is something I think we all struggle to do. It’s also nice to be part of the narrative in a music video rather than having a part in the actual filming. It lets the song be more active than the person singing it.”

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