Three years ago, today, American Aquarium released "Burn.Flicker.Die." They had planned on it being their final work, but as it turns out the band was just a sold-out album release party away from reinvigorating their career.

American Aquarium commemorated the now non-anniversary of their, then, final album release, with the following post to Facebook:

Three years ago to the day we released Burn.Flicker.Die to a sold out crowd at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh,NC. This was supposed to be the last record this band every made. This night in particular marked a turning point in our career. It proved to us that people cared about the music we make. We aren't for everyone, but for those that use our music as the soundtrack to their everyday lives, you are the reason we are still here, making records and playing shows. We are living proof that hard work and honest songs have a place in this world. Here's to the underdogs out there. Keep fighting.

So let's go back. Back to when the North Carolina based band released "Burn.Flicker.Die." It was Aug. 25, 2012, and it marked the sixth album in seven years for BJ Barham and the boys. That's a daunting workload for any band, and this was on top of heavy touring.

With just a regional, although very dedicated, fan-base at the time, who could blame the guys for hanging it up and getting nine-to-five jobs? Thank the good Lord they didn't do that.

After getting in with Red Dirt stalwarts Jason Boland and The Turnpike Troubadours, who helped introduce American Aquarium music to our scene, they were able to tap into a whole new region -- one rich with folks hungry for their signature honest-rock-infused-country anthems.

Since 2012, the guys have been touring, and hard. Not only in Texas and up and down the East Coast, but throughout the U.S., and people are responding. They began opening up for and becoming friends with some of Red Dirt's most iconic singers and bands (Boland, Turnpike, Cody Canada). Then they started getting radio play.

Fast forward to 2015. This year marks a decade together for American Aquarium, and it's also the year they released their most important album to date. Not only has "Wolves" received rave reviews from Rolling Stone, our website, and many other major national publications, it's grown the band's fan base exponentially. And call me selfish, but hopefully it's guaranteed us at least a few more albums from American Aquarium.

In hindsight, it might've been more appropriate to title the album "Burn.Flicker.Inferno." Happy non-breaking up anniversary, guys! Hear the show that was supposed to be their last album release in it's entirety right here.