Last week some friends and I made a 60 mile drive to Nacogdoches to see American Aquarium. It was to be the first time I'd get to see the North Carolina boys in concert, a band I'd been waiting to see in concert for for a couple years (they were stellar), so of course 60 miles by truck was an easy undertaking.

What I didn't know was afterward their drummer, Kevin McClain, would be leaving on his road bike and cycling 200 miles to Dallas.


Two hundred miles seems pretty far to you and me. But after stalking McClain's Facebook page, it turns out rides such as this are not out of the norm for the drummer/cyclist. Dude loves his bike.

Generally speaking, biking around 200 miles is not a regular occurrence," he says. "But this is not my first time taking on long rides on tour. This past year it's been more of "a thing" that I've willingly sought out. Last year I did 12 one-way rides as short as 60 miles, and as far as 153 miles. And played a show the same day after most."

This most recent ride is my second of this year/tour, so I'm on pace to hopefully at least double my one way rides this year. Texas in particular has been great for riding (as the band is here often), and I've been fortunate to see a lot of your great state on the ground level at no faster than 16 mph.

In fact McClain hosts a cycling blog. You can keep up with him as he cycles his way across America, and occasionally from show to show - if you're an American Aquarium fan and cycling enthusiasts this blog is for you.

And don't miss Kevin, BJ, and the rest of American Aquarium in studio with us this Saturday on Radio Texas, LIVE! We'll debut their new single -- and possibly race bikes.