In March of this year BJ Barham, front man of American Aquarium, stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! where he gave us the exclusive radio debut of the title track for his band's 2015 album, Wolves.

Today Troubadour, TX posted video of the guys doing the song full band. But it was back in March, of this year, when Barham told us how the hook for the song was inspired; nearly nine years earlier:

I went to school in North Carolina, NC State, the Wolf Pack," says Barham. "After we beat No. 1 Duke in 2005, our star player Julius Hodge -- microphone put his face -- and they asked him "How do you feel about beating No. 1 Duke on national television?" His response was 'We wolves, when we hungry we eat."

I've always laughed at that comment... but then I started writing a really serious song, about the detriments of the road... the whole song is about being constantly attacked... [the song has become] an homage to an old sports memory I have.