American Aquarium front man BJ Barham has become one of my favorite dudes to have on the show. He's very honest, full of conviction, but most of all calculated. He doesn't pop off, his words are well thought out -- I wish I could say the same for me.

Yesterday Barham took to Facebook to reminisce with his friends and fans about the time Florida Georgia Line opened for American Aquarium:

Three years ago, to the day, Florida Georgia Line opened up for us in Jacksonville,FL with their same brand of bro country that is all over the radio today. They now have millions of fans, tons of money and all the cut off bedazzled denim vest anyone could ask for. At least we still have our self respect. Here's to the working bands out there that never settle. Good on ya.

It caused a bit of a ruckus, two fold. 1. The booming echoes of his sentiment, from the majority of his fans. 2. The jeers of naysayers "you're just jealous."

For the people screaming he was jealous, BJ eloquently broke it down for them.


Like what you like, when it comes to music, that's what I say. I've always been a proponent of positive reinforcement. It never does much good to trash someone else, saying a band is "God awful" certainly won't make their fans change their mind, no matter how true it is. The music will do that, eventually. Show people great music, it'll speak for itself. Having said that, country music IS having an identity crisis.

And I'll say this about Florida Georgia Line, I always had the feeling they were actually "doin' them," and BJ confirmed that for me. It's hard to hate on them for people loving what they do, and have been doing. But I certainly don't have to like it.

But all those bands and acts that have changed to sound like FGL? Shame on you. That's just sad. But, they have to sleep with themselves at night, in their million dollar homes.

Keep up the honesty in your music, American Aquarium! Wanna see what American Aquarium is about? Download their album Burn. Flicker. Die. for FREE. And be on the lookout their new album Wolves will be out in 2015.