2012 was the last time we heard new music from American Aquarium. Of course that was still a good 14 months before I'd discovered the North Carolina based band, myself. Burn. Flicker. Die, was the name of the project. It was produced by Americana stalwart, and NBC The Voice snubber, Jason Isbell.

Of Man I'm Supposed to Be, front man BJ Barham tells Country Weekly:

This was my first attempt at ever writing a love song, because it was one of the first times I’d ever been moved enough to write a love song,” says leader BJ Barham. “I’ve had plenty of the bad, so it was a bit challenging at first. I’ve made a career off of sad bastard breakup songs, so who am I to write about being happy? I wrote the song as an open declaration to my wife [then girlfriend] explaining that while I may not be a lot of things, at the end of the day I am hers. This is just a song letting her know that I don’t take one day for granted when I’m with her.

This is probaly the best song I've heard so far in young 2015, it's definitely my favorite. The new American Aquarium album is gonna be one for the record books, can't wait for it. Wolves is out Feb. 3rd.