Last week American Aquarium wowed the Radio Texas, LIVE! staff, and thirty lucky listeners with an acoustic lunch show at our studio.

Front man BJ Barham shared stories behind songs on their latest album "Wolves," as folks stuffed their faces with Chick Fil A. It was an extremely personal, fun, and filling experience for all.

With Barham on vocals, Ryan Johnson and Colin Dimeo on lead guitar, Whit Wright filling up the room the moan of his pedal steel, Bill Corbin bringing the bass, Kevin McClain keeping the beat; the guys made the 30x40 room, with a little stage, and leather couches feel like Symphony Hall.

The crowd laughed along as Barham told the story of "Wichita Falls," applauded his thirteen months of sobriety before "Wolves." They cheered as he explained "The Man I'm Supposed the Be" was written for his new bride, and nodded understandingly as he shared how their current radio single came about -- a song about  "letting my parents down for nine and-a-half of the past ten years," called "The Losing Side of 25."

By the time the 45 minute set was complete we all got a little better understanding why these boys from North Carolina were named to Rolling Stones "Must See Country Bands of 2015," and their album "Wolves" was included in Rolling Stones "Top 30 Albums You Might Not Have Heard in 2015."

We've done these in-studio shows for years, I've had so many great artists come by, but I've never had so much staff, who didn't know the band before, tell me how much they enjoyed a show. As soon as the guys wrapped the station wifi was put to the test, as just about everyone taxed it with downloading American Aquarium songs and albums.

Last week American Aquarium came to Tyler, TX. They made a huge impression, plenty of new fans and we all ate Chick Fil A.

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