American Aquarium might just be the hardest working band in America. And front man BJ Barham may just be the hardest worker in his band full of exceptionally hard workers.

This week Barham announced a 48 state tour; where he'll be playing a jaw dropping 51 shows in 56 days.

With his North Carolina-based band touring across the US every couple months, and a few plane trips to Europe each year, plus several stops in Texas, you'd think his band tour schedule would keep Barham busy enough. But you'd be wrong. He annually embarks on a solo tour, although none more epic than this.

Every year I announce my summer solo acoustic tour and every year I am met with an overwhelming "when are you going to come close to me?" So this summer I decided to actually listen. That said, I'm happy to announce "THE GREAT 48" tour. I'll be playing at least one show, in all 48 contiguous states this summer. 51 shows in 56 days. Just me, a guitar and my songs. - Barham

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