It's 2021 and there's a different sound coming out of Texas, and Austin Meade is smack dab in the center of it. If you hadn't noticed there's a new Texas rock wave, that is exciting to see, and is quickly carving out a piece of the Texas / Red Dirt pie.

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Last year Meade's single "Happier Alone" landed inside our top 30 for 2020, holding down the number 20 spot, it's a great, rockin' song on it's own; but then last month Meade smacked us upside the head with the Koe Wetzel remix. That collaboration surpassed one million streams in just a few weeks.

This month he released a new album, Black Sheep, featuring "Déjà Vu"  and "Happier Alone" on Snakefarm Records, and with it comes a brand new single and music video.

Now, sit down, strap in, and check out the new music video for "Lying to Myself," a masterful video, oh, and the re-creation of the Joker's staircase dance is superb. Enjoy.

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