His debut solo album was funded by fans, and fans are gradually getting a better idea of what they helped to fund, ahead of it's August release date. Today American Songwriter debuted another new video from American Aquarium front man, BJ Barham, fans should be happy with their investment.

Barham's album, Rockingham, will be out August 19th. Until then enjoy one of the most emotional, single shot music videos you'll likely ever see, "Unfortunate Kind".

'Unfortunate Kind’ was the first song I wrote for the record and it became very clear early on that this was the emotional anchor,” Barham says. “I set out to write and record an album about time, home and place and this is a song about coming to terms with the harsh reality that time waits for nothing. I wanted to explain that narrative in a love story. Not the cliche idea of love we are force fed today in jewelry commercials, but the kind of love that is resilient. The kind of love that doesn’t waver. The kind of love that many people believe to be dead and gone. The kind of love my parents have. I wanted to write a song about what happens when time takes control of the relationship. When one partner loses their say in the longevity of the relationship.