There is just about zero reason for you to have your favorite singer's phone number. Don't even ask. It makes everything awkward. Don't believe us? Ask Bri Bagwell.

This weekend the four-time Texas Regional Radio Music Award Female Vocalist of the Year hit us with a much-needed public service announcement on social media. All-the-while maintaining her status as Texas Music's biggest sweetheart.

She posted the following on her Facebook page.

"I've been coming to shows for five years! Just give me your number. I promise I won't bug ya."  (Waits a week.). Face times at 2 am with all his/her friends. Calls just to chat. Texts for tickets. Needs backstage passes for a friend in every city. Wants to meet Cody Johnson (um seriously?). Has a song idea they want to write. Says you are too cool to respond. But puts a winky face. Wants you to drive 3 hours to sons birthday party on your off day but will reluctantly accept a video of you singing happy birthday. Gives your number to their entire phone book. Rinse and repeat each week. Ha. I know I'm not alone here artist buds!"

This week Bagwell's latest single "Beer Pressure," is sitting just outside the Top 10, coming in at No. 12 on the Texas chart.

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