In addition to being a seven-time Female Vocalist of the Year at the Texas Regional Radio Awards, Bri Bagwell has long been known for her keen fashion sense. The New Mexico native is no poised to take her next step as a true fashion icon, by launching her own clothing line

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The Bagwell Collection with The Glam Wagon ranges from stylish activewear to a gorgeous little black dress. “I personally own each item in The Bagwell Collection, wear them, and love them! I worked alongside my friend and owner of The Glam Wagon, Cyndi Walker, to curate a versatile, affordable, and just-my-style collection. I'm so excited it has nearly sold out in just a few hours! We have already re-ordered many of the pieces and are currently restocking the website inventory!” said Bagwell.

Bri is one of our favorite guests here at Radio Texas, LIVE!, and the tongue-and-cheek self-deprecating music video for her song “I Can’t Be Lonely,” is easily one of our favorite music videos. The song is off her 2018 album In My Defense.

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