In the three years since his first full-length album, Cameran Nelson has landed four No. 1 Texas singles ("Nothing's Got Nothin'," "35 Runs Both Ways," "Shotgun," and "You Can Still Wear White"), played hundreds of shows, and along the way racked up a few thousand new fans.

Shortly after the release of 2013's, Happy to Beer, the accolades came rolling in. That year the Blanco, TX native was nominated for three Texas Music Awards: Male Vocalist, Rising Star, and Record of the Year.

He went on to chart four singles off that debut album, “Thrown”, “Happy to Beer”, and “Reckless in Texas,” including his first multi-week No. 1, “35 Runs Both Ways.” His current project, “Good Thing Going”, has earned him three more No. 1 hits with “SHOTGUN”, "Nothing's Got Nothin'", and “You Can Still Wear White.”

Nelson brings high-energy excitement, and at times, even, choreography, to his live show. “Getting on stage and playing is just that! – play! The work is over and we get to cut loose and have some fun,” says Nelson. “We like to throw in our influences here and there, which can get diverse and fun at times.”

Today, Nelson released the brand new music video, for his current Top 10 single, "Little that We're Living On," and it's a family affair.  For the video he enlisted his wife, Lindsey, daughter Calla, and sons Rhyder, and Coen to star. "I wanted to show a little bit of what's it's like for us out on the road," Nelson told us, "and show that the love of and for your family is more important than any material items. Take time to live in the good old days, because these are them!"

This July, Nelson continues touring in support of the new single with stops in San Antonio, New Braunfels, College Station, Lubbock and more. See his full tour schedule here.

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